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translatoin to 23 golden rules

1) dont fumble with the mixer unit
2)if you change anything at the mixer unit - change it back!
3) pay your drinks immediately, you will forget it otherwise.
4) if you're a geek, fix the music computer!
5) the computer doesn't work, forget about it!
6) if you used the computer, turn off the monitor.
7) the group leader (for anarchists: the leader-anarchist) is responsible that everything is tidied up later on.
8) toilets: left-hand --> stand to pee; right hand: sit down to pee.
9) maybe the other way around...
10) on fridays: everybody takes away ones own bottles.
11) always refill the fridge with drinks.
12) put the cds back in their covers.
13) you have to press to close the fridge containing the afri-cola
14) he who orders pizza has to ask the others if they want anything (using the megaphone)
15) it is strongly forbidden to hide the megaphone
16) the "terror-buttons" (mixer unit) may only be operated by pince ingo
17) there's always a place to sit with scotty (sofa in the corner)
18) always clean the glasses
19) dont fumble with the timer of the fridge containing the afri-cola
20) if anything got broken - at least tell us,
21) blank - so it makes 23 rules
22) there are exactly 23 rules that are golden
23) dont do anything than we'd not do.

signed by prince ingo and princess judith

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